RE: Vanguard Personality Award


    By Chief Reagan Ufomba

    The Vanguard Newspaper was established in 1983 by veteran journalist, Sam Amuka-Pemu.

    On Saturday, the 14th, it held its sixth VPA at the Eko Convention Center, Eko for show, Lagos; and our own Governor Victor Okezie Ikpeazu won “The Best Governor Award”.

    This award is very important to me as a person as it serves as a further vindication of my documented position and challenge that Abia fortunes and records would positively change by June 2018, under our watch.

    Alas, before the cock could crow even once, Governor Ikpeazu, and indeed, Abians have in their kitty an AWARD on performance by an independent umpire; a top rate award by a top rate medium owned by a top rate publisher, with long years journalistic flair.

    This Vanguard award is not another “gathering of ukwa/ngwa dibias” (as ridiculously called),
    This award is not “a gathering of Ochiagha Reagan Ufomba PDP” (as myopically labeled),
    This award is not “a gathering of political jobbers” (as few irritants tagged our most revered traditional rulers and illustrious sons),
    This award is not another gathering of a pro Ikpeazu group to endorse for jobs undone,
    This AWARD is an eloquent testimony, recognition and endorsement of performance in statecraft in general and infrastructure in particular.

    There is therefore no better way to VINDICATE a people, salute their courage and bow to their vision than THE BEST GOVERNOR OF THE YEAR AWARD, bestowed on our illustrious son and Governor by the publishers of the vanguard newspapers, in faraway lagos (this time, not at Okpuala Ngwa).