Leadership can be defined as sacrificial service aimed at bettering the lots of the people. Leaders therefore are those who are poised to sacrifice their own interests for the interests of the people. They are usually consumed and engulfed by the passion to serve the people deriving pleasure from so doing. To them, the people come first!! Hence embezzlement is considered a great taboo!!

    Unfortunately, such leaders are so rare to come by in our nation especially the south east. Majority are obsessed with unbridled desire to enrich themselves and their families at the expense of the people to whom they pledged to serve! In fact, Aba central consistency has not been represented fully in the Abia state house of Assembly, from 1999 till date, Abia central has witness many lawmaker but non is outstanding.

    However, all hope is not lost for Aba central! There is an emerging light in the political space of Abia state who is redefining leadership in that Aba central.

    He is none other than Barr Charles Esonu Onyedikachi. A man to represent Aba central constituency in Abia State House of Assembly come 2019. He is a pragmatic, accomplished and
    seasoned leader whose ultimate passion and concern is the transformation of his constituency!
    I was left in awe and amazement on his Impart as the secretary of Our great party, recently when I observed the numerous inputs and impacts of this great Abia icon in question.

    My subsequent enquiries never betrayed consequent opinion about him as a people-oriented leader we have been looking for, when people began to testify to his good works in his constituency. The Long and short of the testimony is that ndi Aba central love Barr Charles Esonu so much!!

    Barr Charles is also active in humanitarian services. he never hesitated to hit the ground running. He faced the challenges of his constituency squarely.
    As if he could not wait due to the passion to deliver, burning intensely in him, barr Esonu has done well in empowering his people and his friends.
    Furthermore, barr Esonu played a vital and significant role to join our amiable governor in promoting made in Aba garment and footwear makers to produce footwears and uniforms for the military and paramilitary forces as a way of encouraging local manufacturers.

    Charles Esonu a lawyer post 18yrs experience, he went to Umuola primary school and all saints sec school letter processed to Unical, shortly after his university, he enrolled into Nigeria lawschool Abuja, Barr Esonu is happily married with 2 kids, Barr Esnu is tested and trusted his is a former aba North councilor,former special assisstant to governor, former commissioner commission of inquiry,,immediate state secretary pdp now vieng for house of sssembly.

    Hon Esonu’s achievements are so numerous and he is ready to do more for his people.
    He represents good governance and people-oriented leadership. I believe that the future is beckoning on him for the sit of Aba central constituency and that future is now. You can imagine what Aba Central can turn to under his leadership considering the much he has achieved in his Aba Central constituency without much resources and without any elective post.
    Let us support the Man of the people. Together we can.
    Amadioha gba aka tiwaa oji; I nyezie ya mma, njiji ejie! (The thunder empty handedly blast the iroko tree; If you arm it with a sword, you see an unprecedented devastation!!
    To conclude, I must state that Barr Esonu is a leader I long to meet!!