I Guess marriage is back to being a woman’s achievement


By Nnenna Ikwuka

Hmmm. you’ve started again, why do you say so?

See naa, Linda Ikeji has not Even officially announced her engagement, like I literally went through her Instagram page looking for engagement pictures(you Won’t blame me) but she has gotten more congratulations than the time she bought her Mansion and the time she launched her media house put together.

The first daughters association has also been pouring in their congratulations, no be small jubilation oh, its good. I just wonder what happen to those quack feminists who looked up to her when they beat their boobs and say a Woman with money doesn’t need a man for anything (laugh out loud).

Hehehe…its not to funny though.
I noticed too many girls like to come on social media and slander men under the guise of feminism. The funny part is that many of these your ‘quack feminists’ will come on internet with a phone and data bought by a man and still post rubbish.

NB: feminism is not about fighting men and demanding respect, it’s about promoting the strong natural values of women. Its about exploring, advancing and empowering feminine agendas that portray equality

Get your head straight biko
Fight for a course you know about

Proudly a first daughter