Obinna Don Norman issued me Bounced Cheque



    By Promise Uzoma Okoro

    Responding to the letter former media aide to Senator T A Orji wrote to the former boss, the Abia base blogger warned Obinna Don Norman that he has no right to advise former governor of Abia State a Senator now.


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    Obinna Don Norman You lack the Moral Right to Attack Sen. T A Orji on Facebook


    Am still trying to dissect the Rational behind the Attack on the Person of the former Governor of Abia State And now Senator Representing Abia Central Senatorial District Senator Senator Theodore Orji by Mr Obinna Don Norman who served as his Media Adviser for 22Months.

    For Mr Norman to shamelessly come to Facebook to attack the Man who placed him on a Sallary scale of N700,000 Per Month,Running Cost of N1.5Million Monthly shows how Ungrateful Mr Norman is.

    The Only crime of Senator Theodore Orji against Don Norman was asking him accept to N500,000 instead of the Normal N700,000 he was being paid as a Media Adviser


    I could Remember during my Wedding in August 2017,Obinna Don Norman issued me with a “BOUNCED CHEQUE” of N100,000 telling me to go to the Bank the following Week and Cash the Cheque, that his Boss SEN T A Orji asked him to Give me N100,000 for my Wedding.


    I later found out that the Cheque by Norman was a Bounced Cheque,since August 2017 till Date I had been with the Cheque without Getting the N100,000 From Obinna despite all his Pleadings that I should not worry because he is bigger than N100,000


    To even Remember that Obinna Don Norman attacked Senator Theodore Orji in a National TV and National Dailies when he was the Abia State Governor is to say the list that Obinna Don Norman can never be Trusted by any sane Politician in Abia State.


    Inasmuch as I do not hold brief for Senator Theodore Orji, Obinna Don man has destroyed his Name,the little Respect he enjoys from People like Me.