Time For APGA In Abia State To Stop Ridiculing Itself:


By Sir Don Ubani; KSC, JP

Okwubunka of Asa

State Publicity Secretary

PDP, Abia State

14th February, 2018.


The world over, February 14th is observed as a day  of love. It has been accepted as a day when individuals and even corporate organizations express deep positive emotions toward their fellow human-beings. It is a day when people, no matter how cantankerous they are by their nature, are expected to appreciate life from the angle of humanity.


Unfortunately, though expectedly, it is on a day like this that the All Progressives Grand Alliance in the State, has chosen to put the peace-loving people of Abia State on a red alert.


In an outburst of unwarranted, irresponsible, crude, condemnable and unjustifiable threat to the prevailing peace in God’s Own State, the Chairman of the fundamentally factionalized and structurally defective Party in the State; Rev Augustine Ehiemere, in a diatribe he titled, ‘Provocative Attacks On APGA And Otti In Obingwa: Time To Return To Sanity’, alleged that on two or three occasions the failed governorship candidate of his Party in 2015;Dr Alexander Otti, had gone to Obingwa, he had been attacked or molested by people who, in his sick imagination, were PDP agents who had the backing of the State Government.


As a matter of policy, PDP in Abia State would not like to condescend to the very low rung of joining issues that border on frivolities with a Party in the ranking of APGA. That would unnecessarily amount to according relevance to a diminished Party that is fast becoming non-existent in the State.


But because the Party, known for bitterness, rancour, malice and vindictiveness, has threatened fire and brimstone, PDP in the State would be obliged to advise APGA in the State to be honest enough to admit that whatever problems it imagines to be nailing it down on a daily basis in the State should be traced to the level of irreconcilable divisions the Party has forced on itself as a result of inequitable and unjustifiable inordinate pursuit for power, selfishness, greed and incompetence in managing the affairs of even an inconsequential political outfit like APGA.


PDP, as a Party or Government in the State, has no business with the itinerary of a serially unsuccessful power seeker.


In the first place, why on earth would any person, except as a result of mental or psychological disorder or imbalance, ever imagine that a visit to Obingwa, of all places, would be a threat to PDP in the State?


PDP does not have any cause to know when Dr Otti who lives many states away from Abia State visits the State.


It is quite regrettable that APGA in the State has buried itself in the politics of incivility, immaturity and retrogression.


If the Party leadership were made of mature and civilized minds, APGA, instead of resorting to threat to law and order, would simply have congratulated PDP in the State for producing a Governor in the person of Okezie Victor Ikpeazu, Ph.d, who, despite all attempts unjustifiably made to distract him from the serious business of governance, has evidently showcased strong will in one hundred and thirty-four projects in the State in less than three years, with thirty-eight already completed and commissioned while ninety-six are in their various levels of completion.


The question, what does APGA actually want in contemporary politics of Abia State, has become inevitable.


Many of the legislators elected on its platform into the Abia State House of Assembly in 2015 have, after a thorough study of the state of the Party and its predicaments, abandoned it and pitched their tent with the PDP.


For goodness sake, APGA should come to PDP for tutorials on how to manage and cordinate diverse human interest. The Party should stop blaming PDP for its woes and unending misfortune. The Party should not continue to ridicule itself.


PDP in Abia State would like to call on Security Agencies in the State to take appropriate note of the written threat to law and order as contained in the provocative and baselessly inciting statement of APGA.


In the character of PDP, the Party wishes all Abians, irrespective of Party affiliation.